The term “team building” means different things to different people. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing an event to ensure that you get the service that you expect, the best outcome for your business and the most engaging event for your team.

Please note that most team building events will include elements of each of the following criteria, and this information will guide you to the most appropriate service level.

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Leisure Or Learning?

Leisure Events

During a leisure event, the team participates in engaging activities with no expectation of learning or development. These events are often used as team maintenance, for reward, and for inspiration and engagement.

Learning Events

By definition, the term “team building” implies the provision of a development process of which there are many types; a team building event or activity can be used to develop the relationships within a team, to develop new team behaviours, to enable the team to clarify its future path, or to instil fresh energy and inspiration.

Team Skills or Team Relationships

During a team building event, emphasis and focus can be steered towards team working skills or alternatively more towards the relationships that exist within the team. Whilst these are only two areas of focus, you might like to consider which emphasis would offer greater potential for performance development following your team building event.

Longevity and Impact

Teams who work together during high-impact events tend to retain the learning from those events longer than during less emotionally engaging activities. The most impactful team building events that we offer involve high-impact activities in highly inspirational environments.

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There are, of course, many factors to take into account when choosing a team building provider. We are happy to talk openly with you about your needs, our experience and, if we are unable to provide what you seek, we’re happy to guide you towards other providers if we believe they can help you on your development path.