Established in 1994, Key Adventures delivers a very wide range of outdoor activity events for a very wide range of clients, ranging from corporate groups to schools and colleges to private parties and including less physically able groups and those in need of significantly greater all-round support.

We offer outdoor activities at many locations throughout the UK, though primarily in the national parks, especially the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Snowdonia, Peak District, Brecon Beacons and Scottish Highlands.

Key Adventures is licensed by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority enabling us to offer outdoor activities for kids from schools, Guide and Scout groups, youth clubs and associations, and private groups with unaccompanied youngsters.

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Key Adventures Outdoor Activity Events

Here are some of our most popular outdoor activities:

Adventure Weekends

Our adventure weekends are bespoke, tailored to your preferred activities and location, and can be arranged throughout the year, though there are some location parameters that we're not yet able to alter.

We run outdoor adventure weekends in the Lake District, Snowdonia, Peak District and Yorkshire Dales for groups of 5-60 people. Activities might include canoeing, abseiling, rock climbing, ghyll scrambling (aka gorge scrambling), raft building, ridge scrambling, orienteering, caving, archery (where land is available), guided hill walks and strolls through the valleys, blindfold journeys, picnics and al fresco barbeques, wide games, bivouacking, wild camping, bushcraft, wild swimming, night walks, etc.

Our adventure journeys typically last for one or two days, some with a wilderness camp, bivouac or a night in a hotel in between, though we also run longer events in more remote areas of the UK. Part of the journey could be at night, it could include a challenge on water, underground or over a mountain.

Adventure Journeys

The challenges included in an adventure journey will depend on the nature of the terrain along the route, and each journey has its own special features, with the level of challenge determined by participants energy, capability and objectives.

Our adventure journeys typically last for one or two days, some with a wilderness camp, bivouac or a night in a hotel in between, though we also run longer events in more remote areas of the UK. Part of the journey could be at night, it could include a challenge on water, underground or over a mountain.

We also run urban adventure journeys that take advantage of the facilities in towns and cities, linking them with any means available, be that a paddle along a canal, public transport or legwork.

Outdoor Activities For Families

Outdoor activities offer the potential for fabulous family adventures that will be remembered for a lifetime. The bond between parents and children strengthens through the challenges that they take and their shared achievements. What could be healthier than taking on the challenges of outdoor activities together.

Imagine holding the safety ropes as your son or daughter abseils for the first time, or paddling in canoes as a family group across Derwentwater, picnicking on a remote island, or getting lost in a gorge and scrambling together amongst the boulders, wading through pools, climbing waterfalls on the edge of oblivion to reach the top. What an experience to share with your family!

We offer a range of bespoke family activities in the Lake District with flexible levels of challenge so all members of the family are engaged and appropriately challenged.

Wilderness Journeys

Whether you seek the peace and beauty of remote and unspoiled locations, or feel the need to take on a challenge beyond civilisation, our wilderness journeys offer those and many more positive life-changing benefits.

Wilderness journeys engage participants in a self-supported exploration of the unknown, leading to new places, literally and metaphorically. There is beauty in any remote location, sometimes within you. You learn so much about who you are in remote places. Such journeys have the effect of putting life into context, refreshing and relaxing your ego, re-balancing your priorities and cleansing your soul

Our journeys are made by sea kayak, on foot or in open canoes and have a start point and an unofficial end point, though the journey is not etched in rock. Weather often plays a part in defining the route and some places are worth spending more time in than planned. We usually limit the number of participants to 6 per journey, though we will consider larger family, club or corporate groups.


An expedition is a journey made with a specific goal, whether that goal is the endpoint or high-point of the journey or another purpose depends on the participants objectives.

A primary theme throughout our expeditions is high-level participant involvement and contribution. From the very start through to the very end, participants are involved in the planning and decision making at every level. This might encompass some pre-expedition training, or the training and development might be an inclusive part of the expedition.

An expedition can last from a couple of days to many days, and might include just a couple of people or it could involve a large group. The options are endless, though we recommend that expeditions are taken through inspirational environments which raises the value of the experience, increasing the longevity and strength of the learning from that experience.

What Our Customers Say

I've watched my team go through challenge after challenge over the past four days, each individual has shown me more of their potential than I have seen in years. I don't believe that we can ever accept normal results again; they keep evaluating their performance! They won't stop. What have you done?

Team Performance Development

The Moffat/McColl family had a fantastic experience on their day out with Key Adventures. Al was a great leader and saw us safely through abseiling, raft building and ghyll scrambling. There were some nerves at the start but much laughter throughout and a great sense of achievement afterwards. Even though the weather did it's best to dampen our spirits we all had lots of fun; it really was a superbly satisfying and memorable day!

Thank you Simon and Al for looking after us so well - we would 100% recommend Key Adventures. Take up the challenge, it's so worth it!

Family Outdoor Activity Event

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