Our current range of conference support services has resulted from twenty years of experience of working with the best and the worst of the industry, learning what works and what to be avoided, and focusing on the needs and desires of our clients.

We offer a bespoke service, identifying your objectives, the key conference message and the means of delivery; we then craft our service to seamlessly meld with yours for maximum impact.

We offer conference support throughout the UK and Europe on a bespoke basis.

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Our Conference Support Services

Conference Energisers

We design and deliver energisers for conferences, meetings and training events and seminars to stimulate, engage and energise participants thereby increasing absorption, transference and practice of your key conference messages.

We understand that conferences offer superb but infrequent opportunities to communicate key information to delegates. Our energisers make an inspiring opening for your conference or meeting, stimulating the mental and physical state of participants, raising awareness and resourcefulness, increasing oxygen flow to body and brain enhancing the reception and understanding of your critical information.

Our energisers are designed to complement your conference or meeting theme, engaging participants in practicing fresh directions and new behaviours. We design energisers that are fully inclusive, challenging, enjoyable and have a valuable learning outcome.

Conference Icebreakers

A conference icebreaker serves to engage participants in early interactions that release stress, open communication channels and increase communication confidence by offering a single common experience at the very start of any conference, meeting or training event, increasing the engagement, responsiveness and interest of delegates throughout the event.

When your key people gather, fluid communication is a must. Our conference ice-breaking games engage participants in high value communication, seeking and sharing opinion, exploring ideas, playing rather than working, exercising the right to have a laugh; in short, breaking the cold, corporate, icy veneer that frequently accompanies conference introductions.

Conference Leisure Activities

Creating a balance between work and play is a pretty essential element of any conference; at play our minds work more creatively, freely and with fewer limitations and greater acceptance than in work-mode. Our conference leisure activities provide the balance that means you'll get more from your conference.

We offer a very wide range of conference leisure activities, from archery in the grounds of the conference venue, to a night at the theatre, an afternoon of golf, or some light-hearted fun and games to energise the day.

Team Building Exercises

There's an uncommon high-value opportunity, when your whole team gathers for a conference, to use conference team building activities to maximise the delegates' engagement and response.

Our conference team building activities enhance and promote team spirit, team-think and team confidence and are designed to complement your conference theme and key messages, including and engaging the whole team.

Having team building exercises interspersed throughout a conference creates excitement and expectation, introduces beneficial changes in focus and concentration along with mild physical stimulation to get the oxygen flowing, creating a memorable bonding and sharing component for your event.

Grounds-Based Team Activities

Our hotel and grounds-based conference team building activities add a productive leisure-and-learning element to your corporate conference. We use the grounds of your venue to run activities that stimulate team-working, problem solving and open explorative communication, leaving participants more resourceful, more energised and more able to absorb and implement new ideas and concepts.

Our grounds-based team building activities will complement your theme and support your key conference messages, prolonging the learning and enhancing retention so that your teams are better prepared for the future.

Conference Support & Logistics Management

Conference Management Logistics

For the benefit of our customers, we offer a conference management and logistics service to take some of the stresses and strains from your big event.

We have great experience in managing conference venues and accommodation, activity schedules and AV and equipment logistics, which we bring to your conference along with our conference icebreakers, energisers and team building activities.

  • Pre-conference web presence
  • Registration and helpdesk
  • Venue location
  • Venue management
  • Accommodation management
  • Catering management
  • AV & communication equipment
  • Conference icebreakers & energisers
  • Team building activities
  • Dining and entertainment
  • Delegate evaluation

Conference Venue Location

For the benefit of our customers, we offer a conference and training venue location service simply to make life easier for you. With our experience, and a large database of conference venues throughout the UK, we can find and perhaps recommend residential and non-residential conference and training centres ranging from huge city centre auditoriums to small retreats in the country and pretty much everything in between.

However, conferencing can mean many things; a sit-down meeting, a walk-and-talk, a telephone call, a business breakfast or merely time shared in conversation.

We are adept at locating hotels, training and conference centres but our specialism is locating conference venues that are unusual, inspiring, spectacular, from which you can do unusual things, from which unusual results will emanate. Why settle for the usual? We’ve arranged conferences underground, on hills and in forests and on a yacht; we’ve run conferences in open fields on the sides of fells and on an island in the middle of a lake. We’ve hosted meetings in open canoes, in a battleship and in a tent. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got!

What Our Clients Say

Thank you and your team for a fantastic day last Thursday. It has been extremely well received and, despite a few aches, pains and bruises, the workplace is absolutely buzzing this morning. We now have to build on the good work that we have started.

Borrowdale Team Challenge

I've watched my team go through challenge after challenge over the past four days, each individual has shown me more of their potential than I have seen in years. I don't believe that we can ever accept normal results again; they keep evaluating their performance! They won't stop. What have you done?

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