Purely for fun! Our outdoor adventure activity days run any time of the year, offering a range of two or three adventure activities in one day, perhaps with a picnic lunch included.

Favourite adventures include a selection from abseiling, rock climbing, ghyll scrambling (aka gorge scrambling), raft building and racing, caving and canoeing, though what’s available depends on your preferred location.

Some adventure activity days are in the style of an adventure journey in which the challenges include navigation or canoeing between the outdoor adventure activity sites; other formats include a rotation around a few activities, with all participants coming together for a finalé activity such as a raft race.

The longer the day, the more we can pack in, so we’ll arrange to meet you as early as possible close to the first activity location, with all necessary equipment provided and professionally qualified instructors to guide your adventure activity day.

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Our Adventure Activities Can Include:

Adventure Journeys

One of the most enjoyable and beneficial ways to engage in outdoor activities is during an adventure journey that includes a series of challenges along a route that takes in a few kilometres of the local Lake District terrain, perhaps stopping for nourishment on the way. Our adventure journeys are especially powerful for team building and personal development events, where the participants work together to share learning, coach and support each other through the challenges and overcome obstacles.

The challenges included in an adventure journey will depend on the nature of the terrain along the route, and each journey has its own special features, with the level of challenge determined by participants energy, capability and objectives.

Adventure Weekends

Our adventure weekends are bespoke, tailored to your preferred activities and location, and can be arranged throughout the year, though there are some location parameters that we're not yet able to offer.

We run outdoor adventure weekends in the Lake District, Snowdonia, Peak District and Yorkshire Dales for groups of 5-60 people. Activities might include canoeing, abseiling, rock climbing, ghyll scrambling (aka gorge scrambling), raft building, ridge scrambling, orienteering, caving, archery (where land is available), guided hill walks and strolls through the valleys, blindfold journeys, picnics and al fresco barbeques, wide games, bivouacking, wild camping, bushcraft, wild swimming, night walks, etc.

We can arrange accommodation to suit your preferred style and budget, from camping to luxury hotels. Call us to discuss options and locations.

Team Challenge Events

In a team challenge event each team takes on a series of tasks or projects that test their collective capability and endurance, creating numerous opportunities to repeatedly stretch and evaluate the team's performance whilst in competition with other teams or against pre-determined targets, or against the elements.

Team challenges can be indoors, outdoors or both, lasting from a couple of hours to several days, and can comprise physically demanding activities and adventurous journeys or more creative or cerebrally challenging events.

Multi-Activity Events

Multi-activity outdoor activity events are a popular way to engage in a range of fabulous adventure challenges and activities in a short time.

We offer 1-5 day multi-activity outdoor adventure events which might include any or all of our range of outdoor activities.

These events are especially popular with schools and groups and can represent excellent value for money.

We often arrange or suggest accommodation to complement our multi-activity event and we work throughout UK throughout the year.

Corporate Leisure Events

Not all corporate events are work related and our range of corporate leisure events are designed to offer that relaxation, reward, playtime or merely just together time with leisurely activities.

We offer bespoke corporate leisure events designed to match your expectations and desires, throughout the UK throughout the year.

What Our Customers Say

I've watched my team go through challenge after challenge over the past four days, each individual has shown me more of their potential than I have seen in years. I don't believe that we can ever accept normal results again; they keep evaluating their performance! They won't stop. What have you done?

Team Performance Development

The events proved to be a positive talking point, improved morale and allowed people to get to know each other outside the work environment, increasing team spirit and raising awareness of our commitment to support our personnel, increasing communication, creating easier working relationships with people looking forward positively to the next events.

Bespoke Team Building Events

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