Our inter-company team challenge events are designed to enable beneficial competition or collaboration through a shared memorable event, helping to build positive working relationships between organisations.

For example, when organisations start working on a collaborative project, an inter-team challenge event will help the participants to get to know each other, giving them a common experience which lubricates open and easy communication, breaks the ice and starts the team building process. It also creates a bond between those key people which may last a lifetime.

Each participant team can be made up of individuals from one company (i.e. in a competitive challenge event) or a mix from the participant organisations, and the inter-team challenges can be competitive or collaborative.

Improve Communication

Enjoyable activities enable teams to get to know and better understand each other.

Develop Leadership

Structured team activities will identify leadership qualities and allow all individuals to contribute.

Boost Morale

A successfully completed task creates momentum and makes people feel good about themselves.

Encourage Creativity

Unusual tasks allow people to use their imagination to plan creative solutions.

What Our Customers Say

The events proved to be a positive talking point, improved morale and allowed people to get to know each other outside the work environment, increasing team spirit and raising awareness of our commitment to support our personnel, increasing communication, creating easier working relationships with people looking forward positively to the next events.

Bespoke Team Building Events

I've watched my team go through challenge after challenge over the past four days, each individual has shown me more of their potential than I have seen in years. I don't believe that we can ever accept normal results again; they keep evaluating their performance! They won't stop. What have you done?

Team Performance Development

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