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Welsh 3000s Team Challenge Event

Welsh 3000s Team Challenge

This classic peak challenge involves ascending to the top of all fourteen 3000-foot peaks in Wales in one journey and within 24 hours, though we offer a two-day Welsh 3000s Challenge including a high-level overnight camp or bivouac.


The total distance is around 48km although the challenge itself, from the first summit to the last, is around 42km, so training and reaching an appropriate level of fitness for this challenge is important. We offer a multi-tiered event enabling faster walkers to go for the 24-hour target whilst others take longer with a less intense pace.


We can provide all necessary equipment, although most participants prefer to use their own boots and waterproofs. The event is overseen by an Event Coordinator and all groups are accompanied throughout by professionally qualified mountain leaders.


This team challenge can also be adapted for a Peak Relay Challenge.

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Welsh 3000s Team Challenge: Tryfan


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