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Competitive Inter-Company Team Challenge Events UK

Competitive Team Challenges

Whether an adventure race or Japanese puzzle, a competitive team challenge event engages participant teams in a bid to be the best, and what clearer indication is there than being at the front, the fastest, or first past the post.


Our competitive team challenges offer an energetic, memorable team experience depending on effective team work and healthy team spirit making these events a very positive experience for all prepared competitors.


Some of our competitive team challenge events are designed to invoke direct team-versus-team competition, others engage teams against the clock or current record; some involve many hours of training and immense physical effort whereas others rely on creative use of the team's talents, and a mix of both is required in others, with each event lasting from a couple of hours to several days.


Almost all our competitive team challenges are designed to meet the criteria of our client organisation; only a few are available as off-the-peg events. Typically our team challenge events engage between 8 and 220 participants in teams of 3-8 people.

Some Examples of Competitive Team Challenge Events

Almost any team challenge can be competitive or involve a competitive element, and here are a few examples of those we've managed:


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Competitive Outdoor Team Challenge Events


Competitive Inter-Company Team Challenge Events