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Collaborative Team Challenge Events

Collaborative Team Challenge Events

Competition is not always appropriate, and a collaborative team challenge event almost invariably results in greater collective benefit for the participant teams, in terms of their development, learning and relationships.


In designing a collaborative team event, we include challenges that engage all participants regardless of prowess or preference, though not necessarily in the same way; success depends on a range of skills and attributes some of which may be imported from other teams.


These challenge events are especially positive and productive for partner organisations, customer-provider partnerships, contractual partners, mutually reliant teams and sub-teams between which collaboration is a strong requisite.

Collaborative Team Challenge Examples

  • Trans Cumbria - multi-challenge outdoor journey across the Lake District
  • Mountain Bike Relay (collaborative charity challenge event)
  • Wilderness Journeys and Expeditions
  • Under and Over Yorkshire(non-competitive one-day team challenge)
  • A Bridge Too Far (1-hour conference team challenge event)



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