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Adventure Journey Challenges

Adventure Journey Challenges

Any kind of journey, whether metaphorical or real, engages participants in an inevitable progression through a series of challenges, not merely in a physical or geographical sense.


An adventure journey challenge can be considered as a metaphorical equivalent to a team or personal development process. Participants start with fewer skills, talents and capabilities and are perhaps unaware of what's to come; as the adventure journey progresses, both individuals and team encounter challenges, consider and plan their solution, overcome, evaluate, learn, absorb, achieve, celebrate and continue. Every aspect of an adventure journey challenge yields benefits for participants.


An adventure might last anything from one to several days, but the experience and learning will last a lifetime. Participants memories of their journey will include not just the adventure challenges, their achievements, and the people with whom they developed a strong bond, but also the value of the experience, what they learned about themselves and each other. The experience of an adventure journey is rich and full of potential learning well after it has ended.



Examples of Adventure Journey Challenges

  • Trans Cumbria ( journey across the Lake District)
  • Loch Awe to the Falls of Lora (canoe/kayak/wild camp journey)
  • The Beacons Ridge (Brecon Beacons wilderness journey)
  • Cape Wrath Wilderness Journey (north west Scotland)
  • Source to Sea (an adventure along a water-course)
  • Round Rab (sea kayaking journey around a Croatian island)
  • Three Cols (A journey with Berber guides in the Atlas Mountains)



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Adventure Journey Challenge Journey


Adventure Journey Challenge: Sea kayaking in Croatia