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Adventure Challenge Events

Adventure Challenge Events

Our adventure challenge events, by their nature, involve participant teams in collaboration, pro-active team work and effective communication with a single clear, common aim.


An adventure team challenge event is designed with adventure as the focus, and involves the team in a process of preparation and/or training prior to the main event, in which they take on adventurous challenges, often far from civilisation, and always far from familiarity.


Adventure challenges can and often do involve wilderness locations, though the location depends on your idea of adventure. For some, a sea kayak journey along the Dorset Coast is their choice of wild and adventurous challenge, for others, an ascent of Toubkal in the Atlas Mountains fits the bill. Each adventure challenge will be defined by the participant team.


An adventure challenge can last a day or several weeks, defined by the participants, and to a great extent by the nature of their chosen challenge. Some require physical training, others require an element of management training, all require teamwork and cooperation from start to finish.

Some Examples of Adventure Challenges

  • Multi-challenge journey across the Lake District (canoe, hike, camp)
  • Canoeing or kayaking expedition (Caledonian Canal, The River Tay)
  • Wilderness Journey (Sandwood and Cape Wrath, Scotland)
  • Ascent of a mountain (e.g. Ben Nevis, Toubkal, Mont Blanc)
  • Trekking route (e.g. Pennine Way, Italian Dolomites Brenta AV1)
  • Sea kayaking expedition (e.g. Western Isles, Norwegian Fjord)
  • The Cuillin Ridge, Skye (mountaineering route)
  • Loch Awe to the Falls of Lora (canoe/kayak journey)



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