One of the most popular adventure challenge events in the UK, the National Three Peaks Challenge involves walking to the summit of the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales; Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon, all within 24 hours.

Although the original 3 Peaks Challenge is to reach the three summits within 24 hours, some groups prefer to take a longer, more relaxed approach over a long weekend so we also offer the 3 Peaks, 3 Countries, 3 Days Event.

Typically our preferred route starts in Glen Nevis, ascending Ben nevis, then Scafell Pike from Seatoller, then finally Snowdon, with a celebratory breakfast in Pete’s Eats. Occasionally it’s logistically easier to take on the challenge the other way around, starting in Wales and celebrating in Scotland.

We run this popular challenge with small groups, each accompanied and supervised by a professional mountain leader, who guides the group as required ensuring that the route is not lost, providing navigation and safety input for those more experienced groups. We will happily arrange local accommodation as required, or we can merely provide professional guides to manage your safety during the challenge.

Please note that any transport, whether arranged by us or by you must use drivers that do not take part in the challenge.

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The Routes and Approximate Timings for the 3 Peaks Challenge

Most popular route: Start 6.30am; Glen Nevis, ascend Ben Nevis with a target of 5 hours up and down; drive to Seatoller, ascend Scafell Pike with a target time of 4½ hours; drive to Wales, ascend Snowdon with a target time of 4 hours.

What Our Customers Say

I've watched my team go through challenge after challenge over the past four days, each individual has shown me more of their potential than I have seen in years. I don't believe that we can ever accept normal results again; they keep evaluating their performance! They won't stop. What have you done?

Team Performance Development

The events proved to be a positive talking point, improved morale and allowed people to get to know each other outside the work environment, increasing team spirit and raising awareness of our commitment to support our personnel, increasing communication, creating easier working relationships with people looking forward positively to the next events.

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