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Urban Team Building Events with Key Adventures

Urban Team Building Events

Our towns and cities offer fantastic opportunities for urban team building events; perhaps not the same kind of challenges as you might expect in the more adventurous outdoors, but superb challenges nevertheless. Our urban team building events take advantage of the environment and terrain engaging participants in a uniquely memorable experience.


Urban team building events have several advantages over more remote outdoor events; they could be on your doorstep; they make use of the superb facilities available in most urban settings; they engage participants in their most familiar environment and they reduce the need for transport meaning that they can offer better value in financial and environmental terms.


Examples of Urban Team Building Events


City Strategy is an urban orienteering team building event available in almost any town or city in which participants bid or contract for the right to earn revenue by locating an orienteering marker. Marker values vary and, as in any business venture, there are huge penalties available for failure, so judging your team's capabilities is critical (available for 12 to 200 participants, lasting from 2 to 4 hours).


Street Theatre, as it's name suggests engages the team in a very public, very committing outdoor street theatre production. These urban team building events are fantastic fun and have been used as fundraising events and community engagement projects. This is a one or two day project.


Henka is a fast-paced, revenue-earning urban team building game played in a rapidly changing financial environment, with participant teams pitched against the clock with finite resources; much like a 21st century business environment without the workplace patterns to restrict performance. Henka is the best urban team building event for exploring and developing a teams adaptability and response to rapid change (available for 8 to 120 participants). Lasts from 3 to 8 hours.


I-Spy is our photo-trail treasure hunt based around your preferred town or city; a bespoke, creative urban team building activity for up to 120 participants, lasting from 1 to 3 hours.


Cue Aarrgh is a tech version of an urban team building treasure hunt. Participant teams locate and scan QR codes, each one giving opportunities, challenges, cache locations and points. Available for 20 to 200 participants lasting from 1 to 4 hours.

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