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Team Energising Activities and Events from Key Adventures

Team Energising Activities and Events

Every team need an investment of energy every now and then, a momentum-generating kick start to carry them through hard times. Our team energising activities and events are designed to refuel, revitalise, awaken and inspire participant teams.


We deliver team energisers for conferences and training courses lasting from 20 minutes to a few hours, and bespoke team energising events lasting up to three days; we can cater for up to 600 participants throughout the UK and overseas.



Example Team Energisers

Team Juggle
engages from 6 to 200 participants for 15-30 minutes in a ball-juggling process-improving, against-the-clock, performance-enhancement game that superbly sets the tone for a day of team work or team building.


Edinburgh Zoo engages up to 50 sub-teams in an inspirationally creative newspaper-sculpting challenge that results in the most unique artwork to decorate your conference room.


Japanese Conundrum is a puzzle assembly challenge that pits team against team, and against the clock, competing for the title of fastest assembly of all time.


Miniature Hot-air Balloons are a superb way to lift your teams spirits. Teams design their unique balloon and launch them (indoors or outdoors) with their colours, values, fears, wishes, logo or emblem. A fleet of glowing balloons launched into a night sky is a spectacularly uplifting sight.


Outdoor Team Energisers

We have a collection of over 50 outdoor team energising activities from parachute games and Mexican Railways to raft racing and speed climbing - challenges that bring body and mind into harmony in all weathers. What do you want?




Call 07721 906030 for more information about using our team energising events.

A Team Energiser


An Outdoor Team Energiser

An Indoor Team Energising Activity