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Team Development Training Events

Team Development Training Events

The key difference between team building and team development is the emphasis, within the development processes, on enabling behavioural change that enhances the participant team’s potential in a specific direction.


Consider team development process to be akin to a journey; whereas team building involves progressing over known terrain in a known environment developing new skills and responses, team development might involve a journey beyond known territory, with the intention of realising the fullest potential of the team, taking on a challenge never before encountered. Both journeys involve exploration, but the latter involves true discovery and realisation.

Team development events tend to engage the participants in considered and thoughtful evaluation, alongside high-level challenges that allow participants to stretch, reach and achieve beyond their norms and expectations.


Experiential development and team development marry exceptionally well, especially outdoor development challenges, facilitated in line with the teams chosen direction. The nature of outdoor challenges, in that they present very real opportunities and consequences, can be effectively used as a metaphor for the challenges faced by the team, with the accompanying emotional investments.

We are also able to provide experiential development support working alongside business development consultants, training agents and facilitators providing outdoor and indoor team development challenges exercises to complement their facilitation services. Please call for more details about how we can work together for the benefit of your teams.



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