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Team Building Exercises with Key Adventures

Team Building Exercises

Our team building exercises are exceptionally useful elements as part of a blended team building solution, or as stand alone activities to support a key training objective.


As each of our clients requirements tends to be pretty specific, our team building exercises are designed and run to match those criteria; each can be adapted and molded to offer a wide range of benefits, including developing problems solving and change management capabilities, communications challenges, initiative, leadership and influencing skills, etc.


Whilst most of our teambuilding exercises are designed in bespoke fashion, we have a collection of over 300 indoor and outdoor teambuilding exercises ranging from those that last a few minutes to business simulations lasting several days, for teams or sub-teams of 4 to 600.


We specialise in challenging team building exercises for engaging, stimulating and enabling teams to consider and raise their team performance. Our team building exercises can be run as stand-alone interventions, though the benefits for the team increase greatly as the complexity and challenge increase from one exercise to the next in a series of facilitated team building exercises.



Examples of Recent Team Building Exercise Objectives

We've recently been involved in designing team building exercises for:

  • Enabling greater awareness of different personalities
  • Defining team roles
  • Team bonding
  • Building trust and confidence
  • Updating team members belief in their capabilities
  • Developing effective working relationships
  • Identifying underlying issues affecting team performance
  • Enhancing the value of communication between provider and customer
  • Breaking down specific barriers in communications
  • Team problem solving, initiative and creative thinking
  • Inter-team relationship building
  • Training team leaders


SDI and Team Building Exercises


Using the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) alongside a series of our team building exercises powerfully enhances the team building and development experience, adding longevity and increasing transference to workplace scenarios. Please enquire for more details about using SDI alongside our team building exercises.



Call 07721 906030 for more information about using our team building exercises.


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