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Outdoor Team Development Training Event

Outdoor Team Development Training Events

Our outdoor team development events focus on identifying and developing those team actions and behaviours that are effective, successful and intended, and on clarifying the cause and reducing the impact of those that are limiting, ineffective and no longer useful.


Using outdoor team development projects and business simulations, including customer expectations, achievement targets and both real and "in-programme" consequences, we enable participant teams to examine their performance outside of the normal workplace patterns that can disguise such behaviours.


Evaluative reviews and facilitated discussions guide participants through a coherent and effective team development process, including a process of transference of the key learning into the workplace environment.


We use a future path mapping techniques to enable participant teams to expect the opportunities for key changes in team performance, as they would expect to find features marked on a map. This introduces an element of inevitability to the change process and reinforces the success of the team.


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Outdoor Team Development


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