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Outdoor Team Building Events in the UK

Outdoor Team Building Events

Outdoor team building means different things to different people, ranging from a fun experience in the grounds of an hotel to a challenging event in the adventurous outdoors, or a more significant programme of behavioural evaluation alongside a performance enhancement process during a series of progressive outdoor challenges.

We design outdoor team building events in many differing formats to complement each client's specific objectives so that our proposed event is pertinent, focused and offers excellent value.

Grounds-based Outdoor Team Building Events

This type of outdoor team building engages participants in activities or exercises based in the grounds of an hotel or conference centre offering a range of challenges in line with their development objectives. These could also be scattered around the countryside involving participant teams in orienteering between the challenge sites.

Grounds-based outdoor team building events may include a competitive or collaborative theme and can last from a couple of hours to a couple of days. The level of physical challenge is usually relatively low and so the events are entirely inclusive and engaging.

High-Challenge Outdoor Team Building

A challenging outdoor team building event involves a series of adventurous activities and challenges ideally in an inspirational location, often in the form of a journey starting and ending at or close to your chosen venue. Our high challenge outdoor team building events last for 1-5 days, for up to 240 participants and may involve tasks and activities that interweave so that sub-teams meet, collaborate or compete throughout the event.

Scenario-based Fuzzy Team Tasks

Frontier business situations require personnel who are competent to work with the unknown, to create solutions and generate forward momentum; our fuzzy team building tasks offer the opportunity to play in frontier territory, where many aspects of the business in hand are unknown, new experiences, never before encountered and amongst the chaos lies the future path, to be created or to be found. These tasks are exceptionally challenging and intended to enable teams to witness and evaluate those behaviours exhibited outside of the normal pattern procedures of work.


Adventurous Outdoor Team Building Locations

The UK has many fabulously inspirational locations for the more adventurous outdoor team building activities and events. We favour the Lake District, Snowdonia, Peak District, Yorkshire Dales, and Brecon Beacons for our adventurous outdoor team building events.


You may also want to find out about what we offer at other team building locations.

Facilitated Outdoor Team Building

Outdoor team building activities work especially well within a facilitated team building process, wherein the challenges are designed to enable personal learning and team development. This format can be used to energise the team, break down communication barriers, provide experiential learning in line with specific training objectives, evaluate team performance, provide a valuable shared challenge as a focus for team development outside normal workplace conditions and enable participants to share an extraordinarily memorable experience contiguous with the team building process.

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An Outdoor Team Building Event

A grounds-based outdoor team building activity

An outdoor team building event in the Lake District