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A Trust and Confidence Building Event with Key Adventures

Building Trust and Confidence

Building trust and confidence is critical in the growth and development of any team, and any organisation. Relationships are fickle, team members come and go and positive team dynamics depend upon the bonds that link personalities, founded on interpersonal trust and both individual and collective confidence.


During trust and confidence building events we present experiential challenges that encourage reliance, disclosure, sharing, interpersonal responsibility and peer coaching enabling the participants to gain a greater understanding of the essential elements that trusting, confident teams exhibit and practice.


Some of our clients find the simple Belbin Team Roles Profile to enhance their teams understanding and awareness of the relationship between trust, confidence, rapport and the rate and state of team development. Others use the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI). Such instruments can accelerate your teams development significantly and may offer a relatively simple solution to disturbed team dynamics.

Examples of Trust and Confidence Building Activities

Blindfold Leading is something we frequently use as a trust and confidence building element, often fitting neatly between two other team building activity locations; being reliant upon another team member, and the reciprocal responsibility for instruction and direction works rapidly to trust between the leader and the follower.


Peer Belaying within an abseiling or rock climbing challenge requires the belayer to coach the abseiler or climber, to consider their emotional; state and respond accordingly to build their confidence, overcome fear and ultimately succeed. The relationship between peer coach and activist is a powerful transferable capability.


Gorge Scrambling (aka ghyll scrambling) engages team participants in physical hand-to-hand support, second to none as a means of building trust and strengthening the bond between participants. The extreme nature of the terrain tends to encourage interpersonal support to a greater extent than any other activity, and feedback from our clients suggests that this is one of the most powerful team bonding challenges.




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A Trust Fall  Exercise


Building Trust and Confidence on an Outdoor Team Building Event

Peer Belaying: An Example of a Trust Building Activity