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A Bespoke Team Building Event with Key Adventures

Bespoke Team Building Events

We've never encountered two identical teams or organisations and suspect that we never will so we design bespoke team building events as a matter of course. Each event is fashioned to give the particular outcomes that each of our client teams require.


We may use similar team building activities and challenges though the way these are presented, the nature and context of the challenges and the solution or methodology will vary according to each clients' unique team building objectives.


There are many factors involved in creating and managing a bespoke team building event, so we'll work closely with you to ensure a smooth management process. Our service includes but is not limited to direct communication with our event designer and event managers, location and management of a team building venue, online pre-event information and joining instructions for all team building events and a dedicated event manager throughout the entire process.



Examples of Recent Team Building Event Objectives

We've recently been involved in designing team building exercises for:

  • Enabling greater awareness of different personalities
  • Defining team roles
  • Building trust and confidence in a new team
  • Updating team members' belief in their capabilities
  • Developing effective working relationships
  • Identifying underlying issues affecting team performance
  • Enhancing the value of communication between provider and customer
  • Breaking down barriers to enable effective internal communications
  • Team problem solving, initiative and creative thinking
  • Inter-team relationship building
  • Training team leaders


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A Bespoke Team Building Event


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