We may be biased, but we believe the finest, most inspirational locations for team building are in the English Lake District, Cumbria and on behalf of our clients we take full advantage of the beautiful surroundings, peerless outdoor team building facilities and superb hotels and conference facilities that the Lake District has to offer.

There are many fabulous locations for team building in the Cumbria, and then there are those that are truly inspirational and exceptional. We believe that a top location for team building in the Lake District encompasses three things; superb team building activities and challenges; exceptional conference, catering and accommodation facilities; and minimal travel from one to the other.

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Improve Communication

Enjoyable activities enable teams to get to know and better understand each other.

Develop Leadership

Structured team activities will identify leadership qualities and allow all individuals to contribute.

Boost Morale

A successfully completed task creates momentum and makes people feel good about themselves.

Encourage Creativity

Unusual tasks allow people to use their imagination to plan creative solutions.

Take On Engaging Team Building Challenges

Combining adventurous challenges with inspirational locations increases the longevity of learning, in many cases ensuring that the benefits from the team building experience last a life-time.

Bespoke Team Building

We've never encountered two identical teams or organisations and suspect that we never will so we design bespoke team building events as a matter of course. Each event is fashioned to give the particular outcomes that each of our client teams require.

We may use similar team building activities and challenges though the way these are presented, the nature and context of the challenges and the solution or methodology will vary according to each clients' unique team building objectives.

There are many factors involved in creating and managing a bespoke team building event, so we'll work closely with you to ensure a smooth management process.

Facilitated Team Building

During our facilitated team building activities and programmes, the experiential development activity is interwoven with a guided review and evaluation process that enables participants to reflect on the effect of their actions and behaviours, evaluate the relationship between their intention and the result, and subsequently to modify their approach in the next team building activity and in the workplace.

The key benefit of a facilitated team building course is the transference of new learning with specific intentions into the workplace environment through future path planning processes.

Facilitation of the learning during a team building event maximises the return on investment in both time and money, with the end result that team building becomes a powerful business development process, not merely a team maintenance or leisure activity.

Urban Team Building

Our towns and cities offer fantastic opportunities for urban team building events; perhaps not the same kind of challenges as you might expect in the more adventurous outdoors, but superb challenges nevertheless.

Our urban team building events take advantage of the environment and terrain engaging participants in a uniquely memorable experience.

Urban events have several advantages; they could be on your doorstep; they make use of the superb facilities available in most urban settings; they engage participants in their most familiar environment and they reduce the need for transport meaning that they can offer better value in financial and environmental terms.

Team Bonding Events

Team bonding events differ in that they focus on bringing the team together to strengthen the existing relationships rather than to change behaviours and develop performance.

Teams are like engines; they need maintenance (and possibly lubrication) so that they continue to perform smoothly. To expect a team to continue to perform without maintenance is similar to ignoring the warning light on your dashboard. It could become costly.

Effective team maintenance merely requires a change of scenery, a change of activity and a change of pace; a challenge to share, with the opportunity to work and play together as a team in a place from which a refreshed perspective can be gained.

Team Energising Activities

Every team need an investment of energy every now and then, a momentum-generating kick start to carry them through hard times. Our team energising activities and events are designed to refuel, revitalise, awaken and inspire participant teams.

We deliver team energisers for conferences and training courses lasting from 20 minutes to a few hours, and bespoke team energising events lasting up to three days; we can cater for up to 600 participants throughout the UK and overseas.

What Our Customers Say

The events proved to be a positive talking point, improved morale and allowed people to get to know each other outside the work environment, increasing team spirit and raising awareness of our commitment to support our personnel, increasing communication, creating easier working relationships with people looking forward positively to the next events.

Bespoke Team Building Events

Thanks for delivering the event for us, and for faithfully converting my vision into reality. Today I have had numerous unsolicited votes of thanks and expressions of delight from members of the QP Group Team. They are not a bunch who are easily impressed, but you succeeded in doing so. You definitely did more than just 'get to the finish line'. Indeed, Robin (CEO) also gave the event a 100% rating. Well done!

The bit that struck a chord with me is that you listened and absorbed what I was looking for, and then went out and delivered it. It is in my experience somewhat rare these days to find a supplier who really does listen to what the client wants - and takes notice of this.

Bespoke Outdoor Team Building

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