Outdoor activities and challenges provide powerful opportunities for personal development whether through raising awareness of participants’ capabilities and potential, developing trust, confidence and self-esteem, or discarding unwanted behaviours and developing new, more effective and appropriate actions and behaviours.

Our outdoor personal development programmes support focused personal growth using sensitive coaching processes alongside inspiring challenges to guide participants towards their clearly defined goals. We use a range of powerful positive development techniques including outdoor adventure journeys alongside metaphors, high-level challenges alongside performance coaching processes, and future path technology to map out the journey that ends with the desired outcome. We work with each participant to identify their critical personal development outcomes and to create a unique, effective and appropriate development process.

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Personal Development Outdoor Activities

Since 1992 we have run programmes for local authorities, schools and colleges, corporate organisations, charities, private care and development organisations, working towards a very wide range of personal development objectives at locations throughout the UK and occasionally overseas.

The choice of outdoor activities and the levels of challenge and support are considered with respect to the participants objectives and capability; and the nature and pace of the programme is contiguous with the progress of each participant. We prefer to run outdoor personal development events in more inspirational environments though we also use urban and suburban locations.

Each personal development event is designed to maximise success for the participants and so each is uniquely tailored. Please call us to discuss your range of objectives and preferences.

What Our Customers Say

Thank you and your team for a fantastic day last Thursday. It has been extremely well received and, despite a few aches, pains and bruises, the workplace is absolutely buzzing this morning. We now have to build on the good work that we have started.

Borrowdale Team Challenge

I've watched my team go through challenge after challenge over the past four days, each individual has shown me more of their potential than I have seen in years. I don't believe that we can ever accept normal results again; they keep evaluating their performance! They won't stop. What have you done?

Team Performance Development

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