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Outdoor Activities: Search and Rescue Exercises

Search and Rescue Exercises

As an engaging group activity, a search and rescue exercise can be a fantastic experience involving a plan to rescue a stricken soul from a desolate and remote location; first we have to find them with a search of the area, then we give first aid treatment, and warm them from their almost frozen state, create a stretcher, then form carry teams taking it in turns to haul the casualty to safety.


It's a great scenario in which to engage people in a focused team activity and can be used as part of an outdoor activity event for schools, or a team building event, or even as a unique leisure challenge.


Training and planning includes communication and management systems, search patterns and controls, navigation, first aid, casualty care and monitoring, and stretcher carrying. We often use live casualties and the scenario is as real as we can make it without bringing a helicopter in.


Events that can Include Search and Rescue Exercises:


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Search and Rescue Exercise


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