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Sea Kayaking Journeys

Sea Kayaking Journeys and Expeditions

Sea kayaking journeys are a great way to get remote quickly. There are many pristine wilderness areas just a few hundred metres out of reach of anyone but sea kayakers. Once we pass beyond the nearest headland and paddle along the rugged coast we might as well be on another corner of the planet.


We run sea kayaking journeys for beginners and improvers and as part of an introduction to sea kayaking, each journey lasting from a few hours to several days. Typically we'll paddle with groups of 2-4 paddlers with a maximum of six people per leader. We can provide boats, paddles etc or you can bring your own.


We also offer sea kayak coaching for beginners and improvers enabling them to develop effective and efficient paddling, safety and rescue skills.


Our Favourite Sea Kayaking Locations

Although there are many locations around the British coast to sea kayak from and to, these are just a few of our favourites for sea kayaking journeys: Anglesey, Scottish west coast, Cumbrian, Northumbrian, Dorset and Aberdeenshire coastlines.



Call 07721 906030 for more information about sea kayaking journeys.


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Sea kayaking journeys and expeditions


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