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Sea Kayaking Coaching

Sea Kayak Coaching

We offer sea kayak coaching for beginners and improvers run by experienced coaches and leaders in water conditions which are appropriate for each learner. Our coaching sessions are designed specifically for each paddler or group of paddlers and our coaching objectives are defined according to the needs of each client.


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We cover many differing topics and the most common include:

  • Effective and Efficient Paddling;
  • Endurance Paddling;
  • Self-Rescue Skills;
  • Rescue and Safety Skills;
  • Basic Navigation, Safety and Survival Skills;

Sea Kayak Coaching Locations

We'll usually coach from the most appropriate and convenient location for the clients, though sometimes weather and tides steer our choice. For beginners practicing paddle-strokes and rescues, inland water is sometimes the best option. We use the longer Cumbrian lakes and more sheltered Scottish lochs as coaching territory when the coastal weather is too energetic.



For further information and resources see: Sea Kayaking Resources



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