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Outdoor Activity: Raft Building

Raft Building and Racing

Another of our most popular activities, especially in the Lake District, improvised raft building involves building a raft from polyprop barrels, wooden spars and lashings, then racing around a course, or across a lake. We even have picnics on our rafts.


We offer raft building in many locations, but as you can guess, we need some sheltered, still or slow-moving open water, so the Lake District is a favourite location. Typically, this outdoor activity lasts for about 2-3 hours and is usually very wet so you'll need a change of clothes.


Raft building is a great team building activity, requiring a variety of skills to be learned and utilised to create a strong water-worthy craft; it's also fabulous fun for up to 60 people at a time.


All equipment is provided and your raft building is supervised by our professionally qualified and highly experienced instructors.


Raft Building Locations

We can offer raft building at any venue that has access to open, sheltered water such as large ponds, slow-moving rivers, lakes or canals, though the Lake District has many superb locations including Derwentwater, Coniston and Ullswater.


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