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Outdoor Activities for Youth Groups

Outdoor Activities for Youth Groups

We design and deliver a range of outdoor activity and experiential development events for youth groups, apprentice and young workforce groups.


In most cases, the outdoor activities developed to engage the youth participants in a challenge requiring a measured, mature and responsible consideration of their own actions and those of others.


We present activities that enable the participants to take on more responsible roles, for example, peer belaying in which each participant holds and manages the safety rope for one of their peers as they abseil.


In almost any challenge that we use during a youth programme, we'll offer leadership opportunities, either by overtly requesting a volunteer or by suggesting a benefit to having a leader. We rarely use competitive activities and actively support collaborative operation.


We also work with youth, young workforce, apprentice and graduate employees on outdoor personal development events, outdoor team building events, adventure journeys and expeditions.


Call 07721 906030 for more information about outdoor activities for youth groups.


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