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Outdoor Activity: East of England

Outdoor Activities in the East

In the eastern UK counties of Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex we offer outdoor activity events mostly on private land and estates though we do take advantage of the country lanes and open access land and coastal and inland waters.


On-site, grounds-based activities include orienteering, archery, initiative exercises, search and rescue exercises, blind-trails and night journeys, campcraft and bushcraft events.


We also offer multi-day sea kayaking expeditions along the east coast and inland open canoe journeys and canoe-camp journeys and expeditions.


The country bridleways and open access land offer the opportunity for bike-and-hike journeys, low-level expeditions and basic navigation training events.




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Bike and Hike in the East of England


Outdoor Activity: Orienteering in the East of England