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Outdoor Activity: Open canoe journey

Open Canoe Journeys

Journeying by open canoe is a traditional "right of passage" type adventure experience in which the simple process of launching your canoe, learning the skills of paddling and steering, overcoming all obstacles before landing at your destination can be seen as a metaphor for progress in life.


We offer canoe journeys as part of an activity day to link other activities together, or as an undertaking in it's own right when on more challenging water such as a river or sea loch and as a means by which a team progresses during an adventure journey or team challenge event.


Most canoe journeys last up to a few hours though combined with overnight camping or bivouacking can last two or more days and the experience becomes more challenging more memorable and inspirational. Canoes are exceptional craft for journeying as they hold plenty of kit, remain stable and can be paddled solo, tandem or rafted and even sailed in windy conditions.


Larger scale bespoke open canoe journeys are available on the major rivers and lochs including the Caledonian Canal, Loch Awe, Loch Lomond, the Severn, Wye and Tay. These journeys tend to be run for competent paddlers who want to develop their paddling repertoire and often include coaching and pre-event planning events.


One of our really special events is a canoe journey for kids, when we raft canoes together to make then really stable and we pack a picnic, raise the jolly roger and head off along the lake in search of gold! We visit ports, fight the Swallows and Amazons, find treasure and cook sausage-in-a-buns for lunch.


We offer canoe journeys primarily in the Lake District, on Scottish lochs and the major rivers of the UK, though even the minor rivers and canals of the UK can provide excellent paddling opportunities.


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Open canoe journey on the Derwent


Canoe journey in the Lake District