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Night Journeys and Night Hikes

Night Journeys and Night Hikes

Walking at night is a very different experience from during the day; losing the benefit if distant vision changes our perception of the environment to something out of the ordinary; our hearing and touch become more dominant senses and the challenge becomes a great opportunity for leisure and learning.


We offer night journeys that include a range of experiences, opportunities to lead your team or commit to a solo experience, perhaps end at an inspirational destination and can include the opportunity to camp or bivouac overnight.


Short night journeys are excellent evening activities during a school outdoor activity event and an excellent opportunity for youngsters to develop self confidence, trust and reliance.


Night journeys have a powerful effect on leader-team relationships and we use them as part of team building events and as a leadership development activity to explore reliance/dependence behaviours, leadership style and intra-team expectations.


Night walks or night hikes differ from night journeys in that the challenge is in the hike or walk itself which might be an endurance challenge such as a 10k night walk as a charity challenge event or it might be to the top of a mountain. Timing a nightwalk to coincide with a clear night and full moon adds to the value and pleasure of the experience. There is something quite special about standing on a summit in moonlight viewing the panorama in black and white.


Night navigation is also available as a stand-alone training event for prospective mountain or expedition leaders.


Night Journey and Night Hike Locations

We can run night walks and night journeys almost anywhere in the UK, though journeying to or through an inspirational environment makes the experience even more unique.


We offer longer night hikes on the mountains of the Lake District, Snowdonia, Yorkshire Dales and in the Scottish Highlands.


Other Events that Include Night Journeys and Activities:


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Night walk in the Lake District


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