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Outdoor Activity: Night Abseiling

Night Abseiling

Abseiling in daylight is pretty exciting, but abseiling at night is a challenge on a different scale. With no view to the base of the cliff, the experience is like descending in your own bubble of torchlight and it gets even better if the weather is windy.


Night abseiling offers the chance for those who are anxious about heights to take on this fulfilling challenge without being able to perceive the height of the abseil; it's not guaranteed, though many people with a fear of heights have found it a less anxious challenge.


We also offer night abseiling as a challenging outdoor team building project or a leadership development task engaging the participant team in an intense project management scenario lasting approximately 3-4 hours.


Night Abseiling Locations

The number of night abseiling locations are fewer than daylight abseiling, simply because we need to be considerate of nearby residents - it can get noisy. We have locations in the Lake District, Peak District,Yorkshire Dales and Snowdonia, and a handful of other locations around the UK.


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Abseiling at Night