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Outdoor Activity: Caving

Caving or Potholing

Caving is often considered to be one of the more challenging outdoor activities, though as with any environment, caves come in many shapes and sizes. In the Yorkshire Dales we use caves that are novice-friendly, easily accessible and offer an adventurous trip for almost any person.


The term potholing is almost synonymous with caving though the former usually refers to a vertical trip, which involves abseiling into a pot or cave and navigating through to a lower exit or climbing back out on ladders and ropes.


We encourage participants to take responsibility for navigating through the underground passages under our supervision, often using a cave survey as you might use a map above ground.


Caving can also be used as an adventurous element in a Team Challenge Event, an adventure journey or outdoor team building event.


Caving trips can last from an hour to a whole day, and they tend to be a little damp; that's part of the fun.


In the Yorkshire Dales and Peak District, rock climbing and abseiling are excellent complimentary activities as the locations are often close to the caves.


We provide all necessary equipment and your caving challenge is supervised by our highly experienced and professionally qualified caving instructors.


Caving Locations

Caves are tunnels eroded through limestone, so there are specific caving areas in the UK: We offer caving in the Yorkshire Dales, Peak District and Brecon Beacons as part of an outdoor activity or team building event.


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Caving in the Yorkshire Dales