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Outdoor Activity: Canoeing


We offer canoeing in many outdoor event formats, as a stand-alone outdoor activity, as a means of getting from place to place as part of an adventure journey or as one element in a team challenge event, such as the Longest and Highest Team Challenge, or the Loch Awe Wilderness Journey or as part of an outdoor team building event linking two team building activities.


We typically use two-person open canoes requiring an element of coordination between the paddlers, though in wilder conditions or when working with novices we might raft the canoes together so they"re considerably more stable.


All equipment is provided and your canoe journey or team challenge is supervised by professionally qualified and highly experienced paddlers. On the longer trips, we also provide any necessary additional equipment for catering and wild camping.


A canoeing session in the Lake District might last two to four hours, though our wilderness journeys in Scotland might last several days with wild camps or bivouacs on a remote island or shoreline.


Canoeing Locations

The waterways around the UK offer many locations for canoeing, including lakes and lochs, rivers, canals and ponds. Some of the most spectacular locations are in the Lake District and Scotland, and the majority of our canoeing expeditions and journeys take place in these areas.


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Canoeing in the Lake District


Canoeing on the River Derwent