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Outdoor Activity: Canoe and Bike Journeys

Canoe-Bike Journeys

Combining biking and canoeing offers great scope for exploration and challenge, with a route and goals set by participants, such a journey can last for a few hours or a few days and might cover anything from a few miles to over 100 miles.


These journeys are excellent as team challenge or charity fundraising challenge events and can include overnight wild camping or bivouacking.


Our canoe and bike journeys are bespoke events, each designed specifically to meet the participants aspirations, preferred location and duration.


Canoe and Bike Journey Locations

We offer canoe-bike journeys in the Lake District and Scottish Highlands and in a handful of lowland locations where we have access to larger rivers such as the Trent, Severn and Wye.


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Call 07721 906030 for more information about canoeing and biking journeys.

Canoeing and biking journey in the Lake District


Canoe-biking journey