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Bushcraft: Shelter Building


Bushcraft is a particularly popular outdoor activity engaging participants in a range of traditional skills required for survival and comfort in a remote or wilderness environment though it's also an enjoyable challenge as part of an outdoor activity event.


Typically bushcraft includes the following four skill sets:

  • Shelter building
  • Fire lighting, fire safety and maintenance
  • Water collection and decontamination
  • Foraging for food and cooking

Our bushcraft sessions often encompass one or more of those skills in conjunction with another activity; for example, we might use a canoe journey to get from one place to another and on an island or remote beach we might do some fire lighting and camp cooking at lunchtime; or we might build a shelter to sleep in during a two-day multi-activity event.


Bushcraft skills can also be included in corporate outdoor activity events, charity challenge events and schools outdoor adventure events.



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Bushcraft: Firelighting Skills


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