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Outdoor Activity: Blind Trails and Journeys

Blind Trails and Journeys

A blind trails or a blindfold lead is a great way to move from A to B having fun, bonding the participants and helping to moderate the excitement leading up to an outdoor challenge, especially one that is going to need support from others. We often use a blindfold lead to walk towards an abseil site as it"s guaranteed to get the participants supporting and trusting each other; one or more participants blindfolded with their leader sighted.


Blind journeys are similar but usually involve a guiding string, rope, sound or other stimuli that the participants follow, either solo or as a team, often not knowing where they are going until they reach their destination. Most blind journeys cover only a short distance though we do offer incredibly long blind journeys up to 1600m in some locations.


Blind trails and journeys are a fabulous activity to occupy children during the evenings of a school outdoor activity event.


Blind trails are also very powerful team building and leadership development activities requiring focus and intense application, developing trust and reliance, and providing a powerful practical leadership opportunity.


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A Blind Trail in the Lake District


Blindfold Leading with Key Adventures