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Outdoor Activity: Bivouacking and Survival Craft

Bivouacking and Survival Craft

Being able to look after yourself is a fundamentally essential set of skills and we tend to forget that, in remote locations, just a few hours without support can be desperately uncomfortable or worse unless we possess a basic knowledge that enables us to create shelter, generate heat and keep ourselves hydrated.


Our bivouacking and survival events present a range of skills to protect you when you most need protection but are also a great experience, including making a weatherproof bivouac, insulating yourself to reduce heat loss, using what materials you have to prolong your survival, finding out what essential items to carry when you're in remote environments and using them to maximise your comfort during an overnight camp.


Our bivouacking and survival event differs from our bushcraft event in that we are learning to survive with the equipment we carry on a normal adventure, whereas a bushcraft event presents a knowledge of how to use materials and resources found in the natural environment to provide shelter, warmth, food and water; if you're seeking something a little more primitive please see our bushcraft page.



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Bivouacking and Survival Skills