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Outdoor Activity: Archery


Archery is one of the more relaxing outdoor activities that we offer, though the challenge can be quite intense. The gold can seem very small and far away, though with expert coaching, participants rapidly develop the skills required to achieve consistent scores, often significantly above their expectations.


Typically we shoot at a range of ten to fifteen metres, increasing with experience, with coaching sessions typically lasting up to four hours, whilst leisure sessions are usually shorter.


Archery is usually offered as an activity taster during a multi-activity event and it works well in conjunction with more adventurous activities, either as a less physically challenging option, or as a competitive finalé activity. We also use archery as one element of a team building event in which we run with a format that enables the team to compete against their previous or forecast best rather than against each other, preferring to engage the participants in a peer coaching process to enhance their team capability.


We use sighted, composite recurve bows with a variety of draw weights, with carbon arrows. We bring the archery to you, so a venue with appropriate land is essential, though we may be able to arrange space for a multi-activity multi-group event. All necessary technical and safety equipment and coaching is provided.


Archery Locations

Our archery range is mobile and can be set up anywhere with appropriate space on level private ground. A school football pitch is ideal, though a mown field or hotel grounds can be as good.


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