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Adventure Journey

Adventure Journeys in the Lake District

One of the most enjoyable and beneficial ways to engage in outdoor activities is during an adventure journey that includes a series of challenges along a route that takes in a few kilometres of the local Lake District terrain, perhaps stopping for nourishment on the way. Our adventure journeys are especially powerful for team building and personal development events, where the participants work together to share learning, coach and support each other through the challenges and overcome obstacle.


The challenges included in an adventure journey will depend on the nature of the terrain along the route, and each journey has it's own special features, with the level of challenge determined by participants energy, capability and objectives.


Our adventure journeys typically last for one or two days, some with a wilderness camp, bivouac or a night in a hotel in between, though we also run longer events in more remote areas of the UK. Part of the journey could be at night, it could include a challenge on water, underground or over a mountain.


We also run urban adventure journeys that take advantage of the facilities in towns and cities, linking them with any means available, be that a paddle along a canal, public transport or legwork.


As an example, a one-day adventure journey in the Peak District might include abseiling, navigation and hillwalking and cave exploration.


In the Lake District we often use open canoes to travel part of the journey, stopping on an island or remote beach for a picnic or barbeque lunch.


Adventure journeys can be combined with competitive or collaborative team challenges to create opportunities for further learning and development or with clue-find missions to create a large scale treasure hunt. The possibilities are phenomenal!


Locations for Adventure Journeys

We can create an adventure journey anywhere in the UK, though the most inspiring locations will be in the upland areas, National Parks and wilderness areas or along river valleys such as the Lune, Severn and Wye.


Our recommended locations are the Lake District, Snowdonia, Scottish Highlands and Brecon Beacons.



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