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Outdoor Experiential Development

Outdoor Experiential Development

Outdoor experiential development is a term with wide ranging meaning referring to outdoor management development (OMD), adventure therapy and adventurous team building activities though the reality is that outdoor experiential development is merely the process in which participants learn about their actions, behaviours and responses rather than the skill set or outdoor activity itself; for example, I might run an event on a shoreline in Cumbria, wherein I engage you in creating a sculpture that represents the values of your team; I might then ask you to explain to your team what your sculpture represents resulting in you clarifying your understanding of team values and your team having a clearer understanding of your perception, though you learn little about sculpting.


The learning that you take is reinforced by the strength of your memories of the experience, so a more spectacular environment will help you to retain the learning for longer. Similarly, the impact of the activity on you will be proportional to the level of challenge; if you take on a high-level challenge, you are far more likely to learn from your experience, far more likely to remember your experience for a longer period and so considerably more likely to retain the learning for the same duration.


Our outdoor experiential development events and activities are designed to present a level of challenge that is appropriate and congruent with the development objectives, and that level will often increase throughout the event.


The learning derived from an outdoor experiential team development event is elicited through a process which typically includes these phases:

  • Facilitated review of the experience;
  • Participants evaluation of their performance;
  • Open, honest discussion;
  • Identification of key actions and behaviours;
  • Peer-to-peer feedback;
  • Transference process (action planning or Future Path Technology)

The complexity of the outdoor experiential development tasks typically increases through the programme, and each new task encourages the use of prior learning. Tasks can last from 20 minutes to several days for up to 600 participants.


We run outdoor experiential development events throughout the United Kingdom, though the more adventurous programmes are confined to the National Parks (especially the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Brecon beacons and Snowdonia).


Our Range of Outdoor Experiential Development Services

Outdoor experiential development can be applied to many development objectives and used in many fields:

  • Outdoor Team Development
  • Outdoor Leadership Development
  • Outdoor Youth Development
  • Outdoor Development Activities
  • Outdoor Development for People with Learning Disabilities

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