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Outdoor Leadership Development Events

Leadership Development Activities

Leadership is an art that requires practice; each leader’s style and performance is unique, there are many simple guidelines, but experience has shown that powerfully effective leadership cannot be copied, learned by rote or from a manual.


Our leadership development activities engage leaders with an appropriate level of leadership challenge from which they can gain feedback about their style, effect and performance. Typically, each activity becomes incrementally more complex throughout a leadership development event, though each activity will stand alone if required.


We are also able to provide experiential development support working alongside business development consultants, training agents and facilitators providing outdoor and indoor team development challenges exercises to complement their facilitation services. Please call for more details about how we can work together for the benefit of your teams.


A large proportion of our leadership development activities include adventurous outdoor experiential development tasks which add impact, inspiration and longevity to any leadership learning programme.


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