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Experiential Team Development

Experiential Team Development

The development of a team to a high-performance level has an immense and intangible value in almost any organisation, which requires an investment of time and effort and requires that the team understand and participate in an elementary process of evolution, as easily thwarted as it is nourished.


Our experiential team development events and activities enable participant teams to effectively explore the value of their behaviours outwith the normal patterns of the workplace environment. Unshackled by normality and challenged to perform as a team, their critical behaviours, whether positive and constructive or disadvantageous are clearly exposed. Such clarity creates the opportunity to encourage the expectation of the positive contributions and to challenge the acceptance of less effective team traits.


The learning derived from our experiential team development activities and events is elicited through facilitated open discussion, evaluative peer-reviews of team performance and the optional reinforcement of Future Path Technology enabling the team to create a meta-map of their development course.


During an experiential team development programme we typically present a sequence of increasingly complex and engaging tasks in line with specific team objectives, though we are adept at presenting singleton challenges as part of a blended development solution.


We have a wide range of team development activities, both indoors and outdoors, lasting from a few minutes to several days, for teams of 4-600 participants.

We especially advocate the use of outdoor adventure challenges as a particularly effective means of maximising the longevity of the learning and subsequent effects.


Our Range of Experiential Team Development Service

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