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Experiential Development Activities

Experiential Development Activities

Over the past thirty years we have amassed a huge range of knowledge and expertise in the creation, design, composition and presentation of experiential development activities, ranging from a few minutes of ice-breaking to several days of intense personal, behavioural and leadership development, engaging up to 600 people at a time.


We possess a library of ice-breakers, short tasks, day tasks, journeys, team and leadership development tasks, virtual tasks, conference support activities, adventurous outdoor challenges, urban meta-journeys, from which we draw the most appropriate for an event in line with each clients development objectives, and where an appropriate task is not yet available, we create one.



Our Range of Experiential Development Activities


In creating a new or bespoke experiential development task or activity, we draw on our vast experience of personal, team, leadership and organisational development, knowledge of adventure development, threshold expansion, task media and presentation, learning styles and preferences, pattern behaviours, creativity, our complex communication systems and the power of our language.



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