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Bespoke Behavioural Development Events

Bespoke Behavioural Development Events

Using engaging activities and challenges is a superb way to stimulate and enable behavioural change processes especially for youngsters, people with learning disabilities and those in need of a new direction.


Since 1992, we have designed and delivered bespoke experiential behavioural development programmes for a wide range of organisation, including care organisations, local authorities, schools, corporate organisations and charities, throughout the UK.


Each behavioural development element is designed in bespoke fashion for the benefit of the participants, with input from the stakeholders, parents or guardians, teachers and supporters.


Some common objectives of our behavioural development programmes:

Many of these programmes involve adventurous outdoor experiential development activities, though the level of challenge is highly variable and flexible. Our interventions last from a few hours to several days during a residential event and are often a regular component in an ongoing development programme.

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