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Canoeing for Beginners:

Canoeing for Beginners

Open Canoe Paddling Skills Coaching for Beginners

Dates: 13th or 14th April 2019


Other dates available by arrangement.


Cost: £40 per person per 2-hour session, minimum 2 people;


Course reference: OCC-021;


Booking: Call 07721 906030


Location: Lake District; Windermere, Coniston, Ullswater chosen according to majority demand;


For: beginners and improving paddlers who want to develop their foundation skills and ability in open canoes, and especially those who have recently purchased their own canoes;


Ratio: Max 1:4

Duration: 2 full hours of coached canoe paddling.


During these two-hour open canoe coaching sessions, your coach will observe your current paddling practice and coach you through the most appropriate skills and techniques, enabling you to rapidly develop a more effective and efficient paddling style.


These workshops focus on foundation paddling skills, i.e. the skills that you use any time you paddle.


Any experienced paddler knows that these foundation skills take time to develop, and coaching accelerates development. Coaching content might include any of the following foundation processes:

  • Forward paddling, effective power strokes, efficient endurance strokes;
  • Connectivity and power transfer;
  • Body-boat relationship;
  • Steering and turning;
  • Manoeuvring the canoe;
  • Consolidation and linking of strokes;
  • Managing the boat in wind;
  • Using the benefit of the wind;


To enquire further and to book a place on this event please call 07721 906030.




Open Canoe Foundation Skills Coaching